Body contouring is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that has become increasingly accessible in recent years. While there are different procedures, they all have one thing in common: the ability to help you achieve the body shape and size you desire. Whether you want to get rid of that last bit of baby weight or achieve a more A-list figure, there’s a treatment that can help you achieve your goal. With our wide variety of tools, individuals looking to achieve an ideal silhouette can find a treatment that fits their needs.

Body contouring treatments work best for people who have recently undergone dramatic weight loss or for healthy individuals who have trouble removing fat in specific problem areas. As seen in the chart below, our tools work best on body types 2 and 3.


#1 Lipo & Skin Tightening Single

20m LipoLaser & Photon Facial
20m Cavitation Lipo: single area
20m Skin Tightening: single area

60min $120.00

#2 Lipo & Skin Tightening Double

40m LipoLaser & Photon Facial & Facial Skin Tightening
40m Cavitation Lipo: two areas
40m Skin Tightening: two areas

120min $240.00

#3 Lipo & Detox Single

25m Cavitation Lipo: single area
25m Skin Tightening: single area
40m Table Sauna, Earthing & Photon Facial

90min $180.00

#4 Lipo & Detox Double

45m Ionic Foot Soak & Electronic Massage Chair
45m Cavitation Lipo: two areas
45m Skin Tightening: two areas
45m Table Sauna, Earthing & Photon Facial

180min $360

#5 Detox & De-Stress

30m Ionic Foot Detox & Electronic Massage Chair
60m Lymphatic system boost
30m Table Sauna, Earthing & Photon Facial

120min $240

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