Naturopathy allows the body to heal itself

What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a healthcare system that emphasizes the prevention of illness and promotes self-healing over interventions. Often overlooked by the public, Naturopaths are an excellent option for those struggling to find effective and affordable health care and medical alternatives. Consider choosing Dr. Robert Green, N.D. as your Naturopathic healthcare provider.

List of Naturopathy Services:

Natural Detox

Description: Toxins are stored in your soft tissue. Using diet and tools like ultrasound can help release the toxins into the body so you can get rid of them and enjoy greater long-term health.

Fascia Release

Description: The entire body is connected through a network of tissue called fascia. These thick sheets are what make up the muscles and joints and can cause restriction and pain when too tight. Posture and skeletal alignment suffer when the system becomes imbalanced. Fascia release balances the body and last for many months rather than the few weeks a massage would provide relief.

Natural Health & Weight Coaching

Description: As humans our bodies are designed to eat specific foods. When we eat foods that we cannot digest this causes inflammation, weight gain and many other health problems. Whereas medical treatments only act as a crutch to the problems of a poor diet, a natural human diet removes many sickness such as weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes without medication.


Description: Much like guided meditation, you and the therapist work together using mental imagery to help enforce your goals, improve self-control, de-stress, and even help remove pain. This is not a form of mind control, and is not like stage hypnosis. You are fully awake at all times and will be in charge of everything that happens to you. This is true therapy, not trickery or magic.

Joint Mobilization

Description: Many joint issues are die to restrictions caused by tight ligaments, tendons, and inflammation. This for of assisted stretching specifically cares for your joints to improve movement, reduce scar tissue and reduce pain. Many forms of arthritis are easily repairable through non0medical means.

Mental Health

Description: Many mental health disorders are due to imbalances in the physical organ of the brain. However some are due to hormone imbalances, namely serotonin and dopamine’s which help stabilize mod and keep a person positive and happy. The goal is to isolate your specific physical symptoms before treatment, unlike the medical field which treats these issues by constantly trying new medications until some improvement is seen.

Reproductive Health

Description: Weather you are planning to conceive, or have issues with your reproductive organs there are natural interventions to help. Family planning can be difficult, especially when health disorders prevent conception. Once fertilization happens the body goes through lots of changes and needs maintained to help prevent and reduce discomfort, pain, stretchmark’s, acid reflux, and many other temporary problems that make being pregnant difficult. After birth the body needs maintained to prevent further lifelong issues, such as weight gain, back and pelvic pain, breast damage and more.

Scar Tissue Reduction

Description: Scaring can come from many different injuries and never goes away. Some scars can be disfiguring and embarrassing. Whereas many visible scars cant be completely eliminated, the can be drastic reduce in color, size and thickness. Scar tissue can be restrictive in the body and cause many other related issues, such as a compromised immune system. Using ultrasound and manual therapy if the soft tissues we can greatly improve your health and your body image.

Natural Pain Management

Description: Instead of using pharmaceuticals to mask pain natural pain relief have very few side effects and seek to eliminate the cause of pain, rather then treating the symptom. We believe true pain management comes through eliminating the problem causing the pain, not masking it.


Description: Save time by making an appointment for your natural healthcare over the internet. We use a secure video conferencing software specifically build for privacy and not part of the public domain, such as providers like zoom.

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Cancelation/No-Show Policy
Due to the number of cancelations and no-shows, we require a credit card to be on file to make an appointment. We will not charge it unless you fail to show. Cancelation fees are half the list price of your service. If you fail to arrive within 15 minutes after the start of your session time, your appointment will be considered a no-show. If you have a prepaid session, you will receive a deduction from your account equal to the total value of your session. If you have a prepaid voucher, it will be redeemed as payment for services missed. If your credit card on file was removed, not valid, or declined, we will send you an invoice for the cancelation fee. If the invoice is unpaid within three days, we will decline future appointments and cancel any future reoccurring appointments.