Any service, any provider, half off.

Half-Off Memberships

Can be used with any service. All services are 1/2 off (upgrades excluded) 1-year Membership expires 360 days after purchase 6-month membership expires 180 days after purchase 60-day Trial Membership expires 60 days after purchase Memberships are non-transferable. and non-refundable.

Membership Types:

  • 1-Year Membership $360.00
  • 6-Month Membership $250.00
  • 60-Day membership $150.00

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Tips are not required but we appreciate the financial support. Were glad we had the opportunity to make your life better.

Tips are set at $5. increments.

Gift Certificates

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Appointment Policy:
Due to the number of cancellations and no-shows, we require a credit card to be on file to make an appointment. We will not charge it unless you fail to show. Cancellation fees are half the list price of your service. If you fail to arrive within 15 minutes after the start of your session time, your appointment will be considered a no-show. If you have a prepaid session, you will receive a deduction from your account equal to the total value of your session. If you have a prepaid voucher, it will be redeemed as payment for services missed. If your credit card on file was removed, not valid, or declined, we will send you an invoice for the cancellation fee. If the invoice is unpaid within three days, we will decline future appointments and cancel any future reoccurring appointments.